What’s your name? Where are you from?

• Izabela, Brazil.

Your english sucks.

• Well I study English since I was 12 so I guess I have a good knowledge abou it. I make mistakes of course but it’s not THAT bad. Anyway, I know that you’re saying it to insult me but it’s not working sweetheart.

Follow back? Promo for promo?

• If I like your blog, of course! 

Where do you make your edits?

• Photoshop cs4 and sometimes photoshop cs5.

Do you have the link?

• You can find it by typing “download photoshop” in the ‘search’ button.

How do you make gifs?

• I’m too lazy to make a tutorial but here is a good one (x).

Do you make your own psd?

• I used to. Not anymore.

 I haven’t seen you here anymore. I haven’t seen you posting anything during this year. Are you back now?

• I used to be on the Internet all my days so I decided I needed a time for real life. This last year was amazing for me, I got more friends, a boyfriend (we’re not together anymore but our relationship was amazing), I went to many parties and I guess I’ve seen what’s really good in life. Now I’m back but in a different way. I’m not speding all my time here, I still have friends to hang out and parties to go hahahahaha.

Where do you get your pictures?

• It depends. But you can google it. For example : ‘(the name of the celebrite) fan site gallery’

Where do you download movies?

• http://kickass.to/